Staying Healthy While Social Distancing in Tucson

During this pandemic we find ourselves in, we have been asked to do our part to help curb the spread of this extremely contagious and detrimental virus. The best way to protect yourself and others around you during the coronavirus outbreak is to practice social distancing and self-isolation. This is simply the concept of avoiding contact with people until absolutely necessary and by no means holding a gathering of more than a handful of people. Staying home is of utmost importance; only go out to get the essentials like groceries or medicines when supplies fall short.

But, when you are practicing social distancing, it is easy to get comfortable enough in your home to fall prey to unhealthy habits. Staying in bed, relying on unhealthy snack foods, giving up on personal routines and hygiene, and not focusing on mental health are all problems you can face at this time. You need to make a conscious effort to break out of these bad habits and make the most of your social distancing; here are some things you could do:

Physical Health

Social distancing does not necessarily mean you need to stay cooped up in your room all day. It means you need to limit your interaction with other people and enclosed spaces. If you feel comfortable staying at home, you should follow some online workout classes like the yoga classes offered at Bulldog Online.

Now, remember, as long as you are taking the necessary precautions and aren’t touching any surfaces outside, and are distancing yourself from people, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of outdoor spaces to stay fit. Try going on a hike to stay fit and to get some sun in the process. The Tumamoc Hill Hiking Trail in Tucson is great for serene hikes.

Healthy Eating

Snacks and unhealthy premade foods are easy to reach for and satisfying to eat in a time like this. Unfortunately, it isn’t doing you any favors apart from being ready to consume. This time of self-isolation is a great way to get back into the kitchen and start prepping meals for yourself. When you prepare your own food, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. More than that, you can make sure it matches your taste preferences. Start meal prepping for the week if you prefer to have food that is easy to reach for; this way, you can avoid reaching for unhealthy store-bought food.

Mental Health

Isolation breeds depression and anxiety. With the COVID-19 outbreak, mental health experts have seen a rise in depression and virus-related anxiety. It is essential to keep our minds free of fear by adopting mental health routines that will help keep anxiety and depression at bay.

Take out time to meditate and keep a routine that induces as much normalcy of everyday life as possible. This includes setting up a work-from-home station, exercising, cooking, getting some sun, and even interacting with other people, albeit over the internet. Be aware of the resources you have and remember that self-care is important. 

Personal Hygiene

You would be surprised how much of a difference personal hygiene can make to your mental and physical health. All because you aren’t seeing anyone does not mean you need to give up on the idea of self-care. Self-care is extremely important in these times to hold on to a semblance of normal life. Plus, poor personal hygiene can result in many health issues as well.

Keeping a Routine

Like we mentioned earlier, keeping a routine is extremely important. It is your way of keeping life going as it was as much as you can. But keeping a routine doesn’t only mean waking up, getting dressed, going to work, and exercising. It also means checking in on yourself and checking in with your doctor if you feel any issues arise. If you’re looking for a family doctor in Tucson, you can check out Marty Giles MD here to keep yourself and your family as safe and healthy as possible.