When To See A Doctor

Things are a little haywire right now because of the turmoil caused by COVID-19; nothing is working as it should be. Before, if you felt sick, you would go over to your family doctor or physician and have yourself checked out to see what was the matter. Now, you need to be absolutely certain that you need to see a doctor before you risk going to see one. There’s an oxymoron; you can’t go to a doctor when you feel sick because of the fear of getting sick. Make sure you go to your doctor only if it seems like the only option, or if you are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus. Here are the symptoms you should look out for:


High and continuous fever that lasts for a week or more should be reported immediately.


A persistent dry cough that is new and lasts over several days is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of the virus.


Tiredness, lethargy, and muscle pain are all associated with coronavirus.

Difficulty Breathing                  

Shortness of breath and shallow breathing are commonly reported symptoms of COVID-19


Repeated shaking with chills and chills, in general, have been associated with the virus.

Loss of Taste or Smell

This is a relatively new reported symptom but has been recorded amongst many patients.

Less Common Symptoms Include:

  • Aches and pains
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea

However, even if you are exhibiting the symptoms, it is advised that you stay home for at least seven days from when you started experiencing them first. This way, you’ll be able to prevent the spread of the virus and stay healthy. Anyone who shares the household with you should completely avoid meeting anyone for at least 14 days, which is the incubation period for the virus. If your symptoms do not subside at the end of seven days, then you should see a doctor.

The one thing that has been reiterated through this pandemic is that you need to keep a distance from other people to stop the spread of the virus. The only time you should make any sort of contact or come in close proximity to people who don’t live in your household is when it is absolutely necessary. Now, the first place people go when they feel the onset of symptoms is to the doctor; you are at high risk of contracting the virus if you visit. So, unless you are absolutely sure you need to go see a doctor, it is safer to just stay home instead. Give your doctor a call to see if you need to go in before you actually head out. If you are in the Tucson area, contact Marty Giles to see if you need to go in for a check-up.