Staying Healthy While Social Distancing in Tucson

During this pandemic we find ourselves in, we have been
asked to do our part to help curb the spread of this extremely contagious and
detrimental virus. The best way to protect yourself and others around you
during the coronavirus outbreak is to practice social distancing and
self-isolation. This is simply the concept of avoiding contact with people
until absolutely necessary and by no means holding a gathering of more than a
handful of people.


Do Your Part for Tucson

Help Flatten the Curve on Coronavirus

The world is in the midst of a crisis, including the United States, and much more importantly for our community, including Tucson, Arizona. The COVID-19 spread is rampant world-over, and we need to ask ourselves what we can do to help slow it down on our parts.


You Should Get a Concierge Doctor Too

Have you ever wondered why you’re not able to follow-up with your doctor regarding any questions you might have after your appointment without making another one and paying the fee? This question only has one answer: they do not get paid to do this.

One exception to this rule is concierge doctors. Concierge doctors are doctors that step out of the world of the traditional insurance system and are available for their patients almost 24/7.

Tucson Concierge Doctors – Dr. Marty Giles

How Tucson Concierge Doctors Make Tucson a Better Place for Healthcare

What is concierge medicine?  

Concierge medicine fixes what’s broken in healthcare.

The idea behind concierge medicine is to set up a new model for healthcare that is more patient-friendly and ultimately provides you with better healthcare.

In the concierge model,