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What’s the Difference Between Internal and Family Medicine Doctors?

For non-medical individuals, the sheer number of types of doctors can easily seem overwhelming. With so many specialties, clinics, and offices out there, how do you know you’re choosing the right doctor to go to?

When it comes to family medicine and internal medicine, it’s easy to get them mixed up and confused.


When To See A Doctor

Things are a little haywire
right now because of the turmoil caused by COVID-19; nothing is working as it
should be. Before, if you felt sick, you would go over to your family doctor or
physician and have yourself checked out to see what was the matter. Now, you
need to be absolutely certain that you need to see a doctor before you risk
going to see one.


How To Stay Healthy During COVID-19

COVID-19 is scary, but there
are things you can do to ensure that you remain safe and healthy. The best way
to beat this pandemic is to make sure you and the people around you stay
healthy to help flatten the curve of the spread. Here are some simple things to
do to ensure your safety:

Practice Social Distancing

Given the current scenario
globally with COVID-19,